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About Us

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Timm Thies, MBA, BBA

Founder of Wadsworth Ventures LLC

Timm served as Combat Engineer in the US Army before attending the University of Denver-Daniels College of Business where he earned his MBA in finance. Currently, Timm works at Cboe Global Markets as an EUC Engineer. Timm has been involved in fundraising events and volunteer work throughout his career. In his free-time he is an active volunteer and an avid snowboarder.

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Jonathan Thies

Director at Wadsworth Ventures LLC

Jonathan began his career in finance working as a stock broker on Wall Street in the late-90’s, then later as lead Banker of the Private Client Division in Miami Beach at J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. Jonathan has superlative communication skills combined with a keen sense of attention to detail that enables him to implement our client’s vision.

Wadsworth Ventures, LLC

Wadsworth Ventures, LLC was founded by Timm Thies in 2009. Timm set-up Wadsworth Ventures LLC with the vision to deliver comprehensive business planning found in larger hedge funds and institutional firms yet for smaller enterprises and affluent individuals. Among these plans we created we discovered a significant need for Web Master services as well as networking and security. We’ve been at it a while now and haven’t looked back.

We have been very fortunate as individuals and as an organization, and for that reason we do our best to give back. Wadsworth Ventures, LLC has worked with several well-known organizations around the world in the capacity of volunteer work and fund raising. We will continue to take time-out for causes that we believe in and are happy to consider working with you if there’s something you are passionate about.

If you would like to discuss potential future projects please feel free to contact us.

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